Hi Friends….Recently Google launched a new plugin called Google Cloud Connect for MS Office for the people who are using much more Microsoft office.with using this plugin 2 or more people can access or collaborate at the same time from anywhere across the world in MS Office.and also they can share the same document with … Read more

Hello friends…!!!Recently Google has launched a new chrome extension to block low-qulity sites which appears in the Google’s search results.Using this facility users can directly block the sites from the search engine results.But for that you have to download chrome extension and then you can block sites.if already installed the extension also sends information of … Read more

Recently Google has launched advanced secury for users called 2 step security or 2 step vaarification.And this is very useful feature we can say.as we know it’s important to take steps to help secure your activities online. Your Gmail account, your photos, your private documents etc.because when our email account gets hacked we lost all … Read more

Hello friends..!!!As you know google regularly update Google apps. in every couple of weeks and this week google has launched Priority Inbox in the gmail mobile web app. which is very useful for Google Voice fans,It is a powerful account security improvement and stories from several of the companies and government agencies that have recently … Read more