Hello Friends….as we have discussed in previous posts recently Google has updated its ranking algorithm.and this change is basically to update rankings of low and High quality sites.so now you can do to make sure that your website gets its rankings back.     The update is not just about content farms This update … Read more

Hello friends…Happy new year to All…today i want to share something which is very important in SEO.and that is Page Rank.Google page rank is very important for the webmasters because it is a decisive factor in how high a particular webpage ranks within the Google search results.the higher is the page rank the greater traffic … Read more

Hello Friends…This is my first post for this blog.in todays world SEO is very important tool to get traffic to your website.and there are so many ways to do SEO and increse traffic.but it should do in the right way and it also should get regularly updated.so thats why i think to open this blog … Read more