Places Search:New Search Of Google To Find Local Information

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Hiiii Friends….!! Now Google has added one more so useful thing for us in its search results that is places search.we can understand most probably by the name that this is the search something with which we can search on Google using places means we can say by place name.if you are at some place and if you want to search for something for that particular place or for that particular city then you can search via this tab very easily.its like new kind of local locations search that organizes the world’s information around places.

To get to Places View, click “Places” in the left-hand panel once you’re there, any search you perform will have place and map results that update as you type. and for new locations you will see red pins before that search.and you will get the relevent information also with that places search like address,its various features facilities etc.below is the example how your places search will look like.


As you can see in the image its also displaying address of that particular search and also various links from where you can also search for that particular results.and also displaying its preferred in short we can say as all google updates.this new google update is also going to be very useful for the users.



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