How Page Rank is the important thing in SEO??

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Hello friends…Happy new year to All…today i want to share something which is very important in SEO.and that is Page Rank.Google page rank is very important for the webmasters because it is a decisive factor in how high a particular webpage ranks within the Google search results.the higher is the page rank the greater traffic you receive on your website.But today we will discuss for both negative and positive ways that how much people actully believe this and how much really not believe that the pagerank is the only important way to get traffic on a particular website.

In Some of the way webmasters refused to accept that page rank has this much importance.they claims. However, they do not suppose that PageRank has lost its power and has become irrelevant but the truth is that PageRank is not as important of a factor in website ranking as it used to be.then after I also have searched and trying to find that really pagerank is not a single tool to affect on google traffic or SEO stratagies..?

To find and prove this I have used a tool (you can find it at This tool gives you the regular Google results for the keywords you have typed in but it displays the pagerank for every webpage as well. Using this tool you can find the websites that rank well for any keywords or key phrases. i was quite surprised when I tried this tool it shows that some websites with low pagerank were higher in the results than other with high pagerank.So Soon I realized what has caused this. The surprising results were due to the content of the web pages. The position of a particular website in the list depends on how many times, and in what manner, the keywords you have typed in actually appear on the webpage. Google uses keywords and their density in order to choose which websites should be in its search results.

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