Maintain Ranking with Googles Updated Algorithms

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Hello Friends….as we have discussed in previous posts recently Google has updated its ranking algorithm.and this change is basically to update rankings of low and High quality now you can do to make sure that your website gets its rankings back.



The update is not just about content farms

This update is to decrease the ranking of low quality sites.low quality sites defines

  • The site which has not useful contents.means the site which is not useful for its viewers and users.
  • The site which have not properly written contents.
  • The content of the website has been copied from other sites.
  • the site that does not have enough quantity of contents.

To Maintain and Improve Ranking follow this things

  • It is but obvious that the overall user experience is first you check your whole website themes,fonts,layouts,contents,pictures etc.your website design should be simple unique and attractive.and also your web pages should be easy to navigate and have professional design
  • Improve the poor quality pages on your website. Ask yourself: is the page useful to my website visitors? If not, improve the content of the page to make it more useful.
  • Now check adds/content ratio on your web pages.means your wabe pages should not be full of adds.If a web page mainly consists of ads then it is likely that Google considers it low quality.
  • Don’t try to cheat Google with shady search engine optimization methods. Focus on optimization methods that are beneficial to webmasters, website visitors and Google.


If you have high rankings for the right keywords, your website will deliver many new customers to your business. If you give Google what they want, your website will get high rankings and more sales.

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