Now Google Maps Navigation will Suggest the fastest route without stuck in traffic

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Hello Friends…You all are already aware about Google Maps Navigation with which you can find your route,search for that particular route in diffrent ways like search by typing name,search by typing in plain english,search by voice etc.we all have stuck in traffic many times and thats really so boring and time wasting thing.traffic is bad on the road you’re currently on, and you should have taken another. It doesn’t need to be this way.Thats why Google launched Google Maps Navigation(beta). so this will now automatically route you around traffic. With more than 35 million miles driven by Navigation users every day, this should add up to quite a bit of time saved!

For example you are on some trip.and you wants to go in some party or to meet some friend and you are already late.and you dont have idea that there is a traffic jam along the at this time Navigation will route you around the traffic.and you can find your fastest and shortest route without traffic.


You don’t have to do anything to be routed around traffic; just start Navigation like you normally would, either from the Navigation app or from within Google Maps. Before today, Navigation would choose whichever route was fastest, without taking current traffic conditions into account. It would also generate additional alternate directions, such as the shortest route or one that uses highways instead of side this way you can save your time and also save your fual insted to stuck in the boring traffic.



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