Yahoo! Launched new search box:Search Direct

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Recently yahoo! launched new search box called Search is something similar to Google direct is the fastest and simplest way to find answers not this search direct we can find up to 3 results at a time or we can say 3 search answers at a time.


How It Works:

it offer the top 30 results in a way that is extremely simple to comprehend. As the user types, it will provide the top 10 most likely searches and for each of those it provide the top 3 results. we can call it search previews. It provides bite size results that make it incredibly easy for a user to scan and actually comprehend the top results. And once the user finds the site they need, it provide direct access to it, removing the unnecessary step of a results page. In removing all the noise, we will finally able to focus on our search intent, getting directly to our answer and getting on with our day. will look like


When Google launched Google Instant, many SEO professionals worried what kind of effect it would have on SEO. Do you think Search Direct has the ability to change the way we search? Is it enough to take on Google? Yesterday, Mashable had an article that shared research done by eMarketer, stating that “Yahoo’s percentage of the search ad revenue pie will fall to 8.1% this year compared with 10.4% in 2010.” Is Search Direct enough to keep Yahoo! relevant?



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